Benno Voorham (Sweden)
Choreographer and producer of Waiting in the Margins

Since finishing his education at the SNDO in Amsterdam he has worked as a freelance dance-maker, choreographing numerous projects with dancers throughout Europe. Since 1995 Benno has worked intensively in the countries of the former Soviet Union teaching workshops, choreographing and setting up collaboration projects. Benno has made several successful performances for children and young people. He has been involved in the organising of DIP-festival in Sweden (at Moderna Dansteatern) and a number of conferences for dance teachers as well as conducting various projects in Eastern Europe.

Marta Tabukashvili 

Marta Tabukashvili (Georgia)
Project Organizer in Georgia

Marta was born and currently living in Georgia. She graduated from Tbilisi Academy of Arts, works as a book designer and cooperates with various publishing houses. In 2003 she was a co-founder of TRAM, an organization that serves the promotion of traditional and contemporary art, hold and organizes art events Georgia.  


 Sophie Bagauri

Sophie Bagauri (Georgia)
Project Coordinator 

Sophie currently lives and works in Georgia. After getting her education in USA, she returned to Georgia and is actively involved in various humanitarian and art projects.



Pipsa Perrin Poukka (Sweden)
Dance pedagogue for the project in Georgia

Pipsa is a dancer and dancepedagogue educated at Doch (University of Dance and Circus, Sweden) and SNDO in Amsterdam. After a career as a freelance dancer Pipsa has taught children and teenagers in movement and creative processes. Pipsa is engaged in several community art projects in Stockholm and works with people from various cultural background and ethnics.


Madeléne Beckman (Sweden)
Architectural pedagogue for the project in Georgia

Madeléne Beckman is an architectural pedagogue and museum educator at the Swedish Center for Architecture and Design since 2002. Works with workshops, lectures and pedagogical programs both at the museum and at international events as well as curating exhibitions. Studied Integrated Conservation of the Built Environment at Gothenburg University. Is on the board and a founding member of PLAYCE –an international association of architecture education. Has earlier worked at the Swedish Museum of Technology as well as the Swedish Museum of Telecommunication.


Daniil Belkin (Ukraine)
Dancer for the project in Georgia

Daniil works as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. He received his education as a dancer in Dnipropetrovsk at «Other Dances» and was a dancer and choreographer  of the «Potoki» theatre (2002-2010) and choreographer of Dnipropetrovsk State Circus. From 2002 he took part in different international projects and festivals such as : «Kings and Queens and other Bosses» (Ukraine-Sweden-Belarus-Moldova), «Connections» (Ukraine-Moldova), «Simple Things» (Ukraine-Moldova), «Free Dance» (Ukraine-France), «Ukraine is point G» (Ukraine), «Home» (Ukraine-Sweden-Belarus-Moldova), «In 4 hands» (Ukraine-Belarus).


Alexandra Soshnicova  (Moldova)
Dancer for the project in Georgia

Alexandra organises local and international projects, international festivals of modern dance in Moldova and she is a choreographer in Dance group “Voices”. Alexandra has co-organized international dance festivals since 2000, with support from the Soros Foundation, ECF, Pro Helvetia, Swedish Institute and other funding bodies.Alexandra is choreographer, dancer and vice-president of ADDM (Association for the Development of Contemporary Dance in Moldova).


Sergey Golovnea (Moldova)
Dancer for the project in Georgia

Sergey Golovnea works as a choreographer and dancer-performer. He is a member of the Association for the Development of Contemporary Dance in Moldova ADDM. Sergey participates in international projects, festivals, has choreographed for various dance groups and has co-organized several Moldovan dance festivals. Dance and movement is the natural language for me.


Nino Mitaishvili (Georgia)
Actress for the project in Georgia

Nino was born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. She graduated from Sh. Rustaveli University of Theater and Film, faculty of Drama. NIno worked as an actor at the “Theatrical Basement”. At present she works for the Music and Drama Theater. Nino also works for television in different projects.


Abdalla Omari (Syria)
Visual artist for the project in Georgia

Abdalla Omari is a Syrian painter and filmmaker, born in Damascus in 1986. Since his graduation in 2009 from the English literature faculty of Damascus University and Adham Ismael Institute for visual arts, Abdalla has worked as a fulltime artist and is represented by the Kamel Art Gallery in Damascus. Numerous galleries, auctions and festivals in Syria, Lebanon, UAE, GEORGIA, France, UK, Denmark, Germany, Poland and other countries hosted Abdalla Omari’s works, including videos. His art was first featured with Ayyam Auctions in early 2012, where his captivating paintings garnered much attention and sold over estimate. In 2012, Abdalla came to Georgia, where he continued working on his personal exhibition about children and war. “Fraught with emotion” represents oil on canvas compositions depicting complex psychological states, yet retaining profound appeal through the painterly application and realistic portrayal.


Ana Kurtubadze  (Georgia)
Actress for the project in Georgia

Ana Kurtubadze is an actress from Georgia. Since graduating from Georgian State University for Theatre and Film and completing a course of Film and Drama Acting, she has been working in different theatres of Tbilisi. She has played in different performances as an actress , a dancer and a singer. She has taken part in Georgian Tv Show “In the middle city” (situation comedy). She also has taken part in Georgian musical Tv Show GeoStar(Georgian idol).Nowadays she works at Vaso Abashidze music and drama state theatre.


Ekaterine Demetradze (Georgia)
Actress for the project in Georgia

Ekaterine Demetradze is a Georgian actress. Since graduating from the Georgian State University of Theatre and Film and completing a course of Film and Drama Acting, she has been working in different theatres of Tbilisi. She has played in different performances as an actress and a dancer. Ekaterine has also worked in international projects as a translator and a director’s assistant.


Nadia Tsulukidze was born in Georgia; after finishing the Music Colleague she lived and studied dance in Germany. Coming back to Georgia in 2004, as a freelance artist she collaborated with visual artists and co-founded a multimedia performance group Khikali/Juice. After finishing a Master of Theater studies in 2010 at DasArts in Amsterdam she works as theater maker and performer in Europe and Georgia.



Sybrig Dokter (Sweden)
Choreographer of the project in Ukraine, producer of Waiting in the Margins

Sybrig works as a choreographer and performer in and around the field of contemporary dance, visual arts and contemporary theatre. She has her base in the physical, choreographed body but her works manifest in a variety of materials. Her performance work and teaching has taken her to the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, France, Bulgaria, Russia, Scandinavia and Great Britain. With Benno Voorham she founded LAVA-Dansproduktion in 1997.Selected works and projects: I believe(something is happening), at Festival:Display. Circulation I – IV (4 video works), Lviv (collaboration with Ingrid Cogne, Sergiy Petlyuk and Vlod Kaufman). Manuskriptet Dodo:MOU initiated by Koreografiska Konstitutet. Farfrom, collaboration with composer Ann Rosén. White on White, dance film with 10 performers presented at Supermarket Artfair 2010.Performer in For Your Eyes Only by Peter Stamer. Performer in Trafo, a short film by Paul Horn, Vienna. Participation in Tandem Ukr/Mol as a cultural manager, initiated by ECF and MitOst.


Nadja Voorham (Sweden/Netherlands)
Visual artist for the project in Ukraine

Nadja Voorham is an artist born in the Netherlands and raised in Sweden. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam where she graduated from the audio visual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2012. Her work spans over different mediums such as text, photography and performance. At the base of her practice lies an interest in the premises for human interaction and the rituals constituting it. By means of re-enactment and repetition she emphasizes the daily distance in between people and catalyses an intimacy within it.Nadja has exhibited in countries such as the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and England.


Kateryna Radchenko  (Ukraine)
Organiser of the project in Ukraine

Born and living in Odessa, Ukraine. In 2009 Kateryna established Art Travel, a NGO that organizes art events and curates art projects. She is active as a visual artist and lectures on “Theories of modern photography”. Kateryna curated several Ukrainian-Swedish projects supported by the Swedish Institute in 2006 – 2007. From June 2009 Art Travel is one of the partners of the International Art Platform “River//Cities”. September 2010 – photo project “Without borders” inside International project SEAS X (Turkey, Georgia)


Ievgen Chervonyi (Ukraine)
Co-organiser for the project in Ukraine

Ievgen Chervonyi is deputy director of development in the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Lviv. Key responsibilities in the museum are museum promotion, partner cooperation and  event management. Main interest is modern museum studies. Ievgen held a scholarship in the Smithsonian Institute and in George Washington University (Washington DC, USA). He obtained a certificate of cultural manager from European Cultural Foundation. He is a member of the work group for strategic planning of Lviv city 2025.