Archaeological Bodies

Waiting in the Margins: Archaeological Bodies – UA
Bridging gaps and stimulating inter-cultural communication

Through the recent occurrences the relations between different groups in Ukraine have become inflamed and in light of these happenings this project is directed at the relations between various ethnic groups in Ukraine and the view of young people on the current situation.

The Ukrainian part of the Waiting in the Margins project will have at its core capacity building workshops in the field of movement, video and text production. Interviews with youngsters will be held on the subject of the situation of today and form an archive of ideas and opinions.

The interviews that will be done by the participants of the project will be filmed with simple handheld equipment like mobile phones. The interviews will be a starting point for discussion during the workshops and will lead to the production of texts as a critical commentary on the issues we are addressing as well as creative material to be used in the final event.

From the accumulated material a performative installation/exhibition will be created that will be open for a broad audience. The project is aiming at increasing awareness of areas of conflict, its history and open up channels of communication between different population groups. We will be using creative techniques as a tool for expression through the medium of dance and movement as well as through audio-visual media.

 The project will start in November 2014 and end August/September 2015