First workshop in Lviv: Archaeological Bodies-UA

30. 11. 2014

Between 23 October and 3rd November we have had the first meeting and workshop in Lviv, Ukraine for the project ‘Archaeological Bodies-UA’, which is part of the project Waiting in the Margins. Nadja Voorham and Sybrig Dokter met with 19 participants for the workshop that took part at Museum for Folkarchitecture and Rural Life’ ( Kateryna Radchenko (NGO Art Travel) and Evgen Chernvony(director of the museum) are taking care of the organisation of the project in Lviv. It was an exciting 10 days of working with the paticipants and introducing them to the skills we will be using in the next session that will take place in march 2015 when we will be interviewing people from different ethnic backgrounds in Lviv.

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