Workshop Dusheti

14. 11. 2014


Between May 16-27 the first workshop period of the project took place in Dusheti. Two exciting weekends in which we worked with two groups of teenagers from the biggest refugee camp in Tserovani and a small camp near Dusheti. Around these weekends we had two intensives for teachers, cultural/social workers that work within the camps or are interested to do so in the future. Capacity building workshops in the use of creative improvisational ideas and methods within dance and theatre. But also in growing awareness about an inclusive empathetic pedagogy in which adults and children have the interest to work together. Two-directional communication instead of the more common one-directional teacher to pupil direction.
Each workshop we finished with an improvisational structure in which Abdalla was painting on a big sheet of paper. Very exciting to follow the interaction between life painting of Abdalla and the children and adults playing and improvising together.
In November there will be the second workshop period of this series of four workshops. Madeléne Beckman of the Swedish Centre of Architecture and Design will join us. As in the project “HOME”, Madeléne will introduce elements from the visual arts to support the children to reflect on their feelings, thoughts and memories in relation to the themes of this project. Her pedagogical knowledge is a great asset for this project.


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